Zach accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in March 1990 at the age of five in his home in WV. He answered the call to preach 4 July 2004 during his college years studying Physical Education. Zach became licensed to the gospel ministry on 20 November 2011. Pastor Zach was Ordained 2 November 2013. As of 1 June 2014 Pastor Zach became Senior Pastor of Victory Baptist Church.

Zach has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and has studied the Bible in college. He plans to gain his Master's degree in Theological Studies. Zach has been faithful to serving the Lord in church ministry since he was 13 years old, and has gone on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and here in the USA. Pastor Zach and his wife Dawn have taken a couple of mission trips to the Philippines the past few years. 

Zach and his wife Dawn got married 7 July 2007. Dawn is very supportive of Zach and the work the Lord has called him to do, and has also served in missions taking trips to Anguilla, Brazil, Grenada, and Philippines. 

Pastor: Zachary A. Morrison